What We Do

Target operating model design and execution

We help you to set the priorities of the finance function and make the required changes to be able to deliver them

Is your finance function set up to succeed?

A finance target operating model sets out what activities the finance function should do, who should do them, how it should do them and where it should do them from.

This service is right for you if you want to....

Align the team behind the finance strategy

  • Understand the priorities of the key customers of finance
  • Collect insights from your team to identify areas of improvement
  • Benchmark yourself against the competition
  • Set and effectively communicate the vision and priorities for the function

Optimise your organisation design

  • Define what activities finance should and shouldn't do
  • Examine and agree the best model and locations to deliver those activities from
  • Determine a standard set of finance roles and the responsibilities of each
  • Develop an optimised organisation chart
  • Implement the changes to have a leaner, more effective org design

Improve your shared services performance

  • Compare your current shared services performance to good practice
  • Analyse and redefine your performance management framework covering governance, charging method, KPIs etc
  • Deploy changes and measure improvement

In summary...

This video explains what we do and how we go about it so that you are clear what to expect when you start working with us.

What we do...

Set up a meeting with us today to discuss your requirements, we will then create a proposal to address your specific needs. A standard TOM and org design project can be broken into the below 3 steps.


Understand the current state and set the vision

  • We collect information from your customers and team members to understand where the opportunities are
  • We benchmark you against your peers
  • We hold workshops with your leadership team to assess the current state and to set priorities and the vision for the future


Develop an organisation design plan

  • We agree the high level org design objectives with you
  • We assess your finance processes and determine the best model and location to deliver these from
  • We help to define each finance role and its responsibilities
  • We help you decide on the organisation structure that best fits your goals


Implement and improve the organisation design

  • Enact the consultation plan  
  • Transition roles where needed
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Train teams on their new roles and responsibilities
  • Bring in new performance reporting metrics and set up governance forums to monitor and improve these

Case study - Capita

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