What We Do

Finance process and technology optimisation

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of finance processes and systems

Are your finance processes and systems inefficient, ineffective or lacking control?

This service is right for your finance function if you want to....

Improve efficiency

  • Your finance processes are inefficient and manual.
  • Your finance teams are bigger and busier than ever before without a noticeable improvement in performance.
  • Robotic Process Automation is an aspirational target but not a current reality.

Improve effectiveness

  • You often find errors or don't have the required information in your management accounts.
  • Forecasts are inaccurate and rarely to plan.
  • Keeping working capital at acceptable levels is a constant battle and you have concerns that revenue leakage is prevalent.

Improve control

  • You are worried about the lack of controls in current processes knowing that you are ultimately responsible if a control failure occurs.
  • There is a high reliance on manual controls.
  • You often see errors in the management accounts that could have been prevented if the correct control was in place.

In summary...

This video explains what we do and how we go about it so that you are clear what to expect when you start working with us.

What we do...

We map out and get a deep understanding of your current processes and what your key objectives are. We then create a detailed design tailored to your needs and help you to effectively execute on this.


A deeper understanding of your finance processes

  • Baseline assessment - we measure your current process efficiency against leading practice benchmarks
  • As-is process maps - we hold workshops that cover the end-to-end process and together we map the processes
  • Pain points and control gaps - we uncover and investigate key pain points and control gaps to gain a deeper insight


A detailed design of your to-be process

  • Comparison of as-is process to good practice - we compare and contrast your as-is process maps to good-practice to identify opportunities for improvement​
  • Create to-be processes - we create to-be process maps that reflect the opportunities that we have identified. We then validate these with your team to identify further opportunities and get buy in for the changes​


Implementation of the to-be design

  • Detailed design roadmap - we plan the activities required to implement the design
  • Implement roadmap with checkpoints - we then execute the detailed roadmap to completion
  • Upskill your team - we also transfer our skills and experience to your team to ensure that continuous improvement becomes embedded into your way of life