Drive inefficiency out of your finance function

We help finance leaders to transform their finance function and achieve their goals through our specialist consulting and recruitment services and through our custom built digital toolsets.

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Build a finance function you can be proud of

As the guardians of financial performance in the organisation, the finance function has a duty to lead the way in delivering value for money for its stakeholders. That's why so many CFOs are ditching the overly expensive big consulting firms in favour of smaller more specialist consulting firms or bringing interim consultants in-house that can offer much better value for money.

Operating model design

  • Impress the board by utilising your organisation's scale to deliver substantial savings whilst improving performance
  • Simplify the operating model so that you and your team can focus on what really matters
  • Give your key stakeholders something to smile about by focusing your finance function on their needs

Process and technology

  • Give yourself peace of mind by implementing new processes with robust controls built into your systems
  • Lead the organisation through automation of processes that deliver fast and efficient results
  • Build confidence in finance by implementing a clear plan of action to tackle it's biggest problems

Team performance

  • Develop a highly agile team that are able to quickly respond to changing demands
  • Ensure finance becomes a value adding partner to the business responsible for driving better and more profitable decisions
  • Feel confident that your team will deliver high quality and error-free management information every time

Who we are and what we do

We are a group of young, but richly experienced, hard working and tech savvy ex-big 4 consultants who work innovatively to be faster, cheaper and more effective in delivering finance transformation results for our clients.

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Why choose us?

We make positive outcomes more certain and easier to achieve!

Too often finance transformation projects cost too much and deliver too little. At IF Transform we help you deliver results faster and cheaper through our custom-built digital tools and our highly skilled ex-big 4 team which will enable you to become one of the few finance leaders to deliver a successful transformation on time and to budget.​

Deliver results

We understand the pressure you are under to deliver tangible, bankable results for your stakeholders and that's why:

  • We use technology to perform much of our analysis so that our team can focus on delivering real beneficial change rather than a large report
  • We only use experienced ex-big 4 (+Accenture) finance transformation experts to run our projects
  • We exclusively specialise in finance transformation meaning that we are leaders in our field
  • We invest heavily in learning about the latest technologies in finance


We feel your frustration at how expensive it is to hire transformation consultants. It doesn't need to be that way and that's why:

  • We charge less than half the day rate of the big 4 but give you a more experienced team 
  • We use a digital methodology to shorten the time to deliver, significantly reducing our cost
  • All our prices include partner oversight and tight control of deliverables, we never sacrifice on quality


We know you need to deliver results fast to survive as a leader and that's why we come prepared:

  • We deliver results faster through our digital methodology that enables us to collect and analyse information more efficiently than traditional methods
  • We hit the ground running as our team are all highly trained and experienced

What our customers say about us

We love working with our customers to solve their problems and they love working with us because we work harder and smarter than anyone else.

Post-merger integration TOM design for an oil and gas business

“Having never previously heard of IF Transform I had initial concerns that they wouldn’t have enough experience to deliver our Target Operating Model. Gladly I can say I needn’t have worried, their experience shone through at every stage and they delivered transformative results to a very tight deadline. Not only that, Freddie and the team were great fun to work with."

Adrien Souchet
Group strategy and innovation director
Reviewed and improved finance function outsourcing governance

“IF Transform are exactly the sort of company we love partnering with. They are bright, hard working, and determined to do a fantastic job and the results spoke for themselves. We look forward to having a long and successful relationship with them, and the next piece of work is already in the pipeline. ”

Steve Heels
Group finance transformation director

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