What We Do

Finance team effectiveness

To create high performing finance teams that deliver the organization's piorities

Are your team focused on what matters most?

This service is right for your finance function if you want to....

Focus the team on what matters

  • Your finance team are not always effective, they may not focus on the right things or have conflicting aims and as a result fail to achieve your key priorities.

Embed continuous improvement into your culture

  • Your finance team do not have the time or skills to resolve the root causes of problems, instead they spend their time firefighting in a never ending uphill struggle.

Become better business partners

  • Your finance business partners spend lots of their time on creating management accounts or on analysis and not enough time helping the business to grow.

In summary...

This video explains what we do and how we go about it so that you are clear what to expect when you start working with us.

What we offer...

Creating an environment where your people can develop, innovate and excel in their roles takes constant and sustained effort, but the value created in getting this right is well worth it.


Clarity on individual and team responsibilities

  • Clearly defined areas of responsibility by role type - we define clear roles and responsibilities within each team to maximise effectiveness
  • Capability framework - we set out the key capabilities for each role type and define what each stage of maturity looks like for each capability
  • Recommendations on your performance review process - we assess your current performance review process and make recommendations for improvement


A team that continuously improves

  • Lean six sigma training - We teach your team lean six sigma principles and then show them how to apply these to their everyday work.
  • Continuous improvement workshops - we hold workshops with each of your teams to put continuous improvement methodologies in place for everyday use
  • ​Community of practice networks - we identify groups of practitioners that would benefit from sharing experiences and solving joint problems and then set up forums for them to be able to collaborate effectively


Business partners that drive revenue and profit growth

  • Business Partner training - we hold sessions with the business partnering community to challenge existing perceptions and improve outcome for the business
  • Clarity on responsibilities - we create a new role profile for business partners which sets out their commitments and responsibilities